Northwest Airlines Reservations

Northwest Airlines, known as a known entity of Delta Airlines, now operates as largest airline in the world covering destinations all over the world. Individuals planning to travel to different locations in any part of the world, may contact or visit the Delta Airlines site and for the passengers who are interested in making reservations with Northwest Airlines particularly, Delta Airlines hire reservation sale agents for all its call center all over the world, and should you need any assistance please feel free to call them any time.

Reservation sales agent is most often your first contact with the airline in case you plan to travel and hence agents are not just appointed to boost sales but to make your travel comfortable they might field questions like seating arrangements preference, meals, airport protocols, security check points, luggage allowances, and many other relevant queries. As a supplementary service, reservation sales agents are obligated to offer complimentary services in addition to flights. Such services may also include car rental referrals & hotel bookings. It is imperative that the agents must know the functions of all the departments related to travel industry and must be in a position to make your journey comfortable in all the segments connected to travel.

The eligibility norms for the position of sales agents are a minimum qualification of high school diploma or its equivalent, with the proper authority to work in the US with all relevant documents in order, and a clear and a polite speaking tone. Above all, they must possess excellent communication and customer service skills as they are the brand ambassadors of the airlines. Normally reservation centers exist in diverse locations ranging from Atlanta Georgia & Huntsville, Alabama to Santiago(Chile) and Paris.

For some positions it is mandatory to have command in other languages apart from proficiency in English. Now the merged companies Delta airlines & Northwest airlines, are now offering positions in the airport customer service which is closely related to the position of reservation sales and employees in this designation manage reservation concerns like last minute cancellations, change in flight, last moment reservations and all other issues related to customers. This position reflects the face and the character of the airlines ,hence the position requires a congenial, will do attitude ,in addition to the equivalent of a high school diploma , and a minimum age of 18 years , and the duly authorized work permit . Since such positions are held at airport , they are available all over the world .The airport customer service representative will require similar aptitude in a language in a langue other than English just like the in case of reservation sales position. This prerequisite is often contingent on the location

Northwest airlines reservations with present day Delta Airlines is offering you numerous opportunities to make your career exciting and lucrative. Anyone interested in joining the airlines must meet the required qualifications before applying.